New kitchen counter tops

New kitchen countertopsFinally, our kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen! After 7-8 weeks of remodeling our kitchen we are almost done. The last big thing got done today, and that was installing the counter tops. They look great and go really well with the color of our cabinets, floor, etc. I must admit I was a little worried about them installing the counter tops. Since Jenny and I did the cabinets ourselves I was afraid that the counter tops wouldn’t work, or fit, or something. And it would be our fault.

Luckily that didn’t happen. The installers brought over the pre-cut counter tops and installed them without a hitch. Took them about an hour, but when they were done, everything looked awesome. The counter tops are nothing too special. They’re just a laminate counter top with a two inch back splash and a no-drip edge. Maybe sometime in the future we’ll be able to save up and get some granite counter tops or something. But for the time being, these are perfect.

Now Jenny and I can finally start unpacking our kitchen supplies and placing them in the kitchen – like our toaster, blender, etc. Tomorrow the plumber comes and will install/hook up the kitchen sink, disposal, RO system, and dishwasher. Then finally we can start using our kitchen to cook food. Oh, how I miss home made meals. It’s been too long. Come Wednesday night, Jenny and I will be making spaghetti, and a lot of it. Can’t wait!

Other than that we just need to install a couple more cabinet doors and that’s it! Maybe this weekend we can have some friends over and break in that kitchen. Looking forward to it!

Nick Villescas

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