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Hey, I’m Nick Villescas

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WebNV is a personal site and blog created by me, Nick Villescas. Here is where I post about my personal life and interests. Some of my major interests include web design and development, technology, music, and PC gaming.

Some of you may laugh while others cry. Some of you will smile with content, while others will burn with anger. Either way, I want to hear about it. So don’t be a lurker, leave a comment.

Also, feel free to connect with me via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

I have too many hobbies

There’s a lot I like to do. While this does have some pros and cons, it does give me a lot to talk about. On the down side I never really get to master any craft that I engage in. I spread my attention thinly across many different areas that interest me. Then when I’m satisfied (and I’m easy to satisfy) I move on to something else. Below are some of my more “long-term” hobbies:

  • First off, web design and development is something I enjoy doing in my free time. I am in no way a professional at it, nor have I ever made any money from it, but I still enjoy it. Expect to see the occasional post about web design and development.
  • I also enjoy music and have been playing guitar for over 15 years. My favorite genres of music include punk and ska. I do enjoy other music but not at the same level. I do post a lot about music and do reviews on new albums and artists. Expect to see many posts about music.
  • Technology has also been a passion of mine for most of my life. Ever since I interacted with a computer I knew this was going to be my life. I love technology and gadgets. Expect to see lots of posts about new technology, reviews, personal acquisitions, etc.
  • Finally, I play a lot of video games. Besides work and sleep I spend much of my time playing games. I’m mostly a PC gamer but do dabble in console and handheld games from time to time. Expect to see lots of posts regarding gaming, including reviews and updates.

My professional life

Professionally, I’m a Senior Business Intelligence Agent for Apollo Group, Inc. I work with data, databases, and ETL tools all day. To quote my LinkedIn summary:

I transform raw data into meaningful and actionable information. I give executives a factual, unbiased, view into their organization through business intelligence. More specifically, I use ETL tools to Extract raw data, Transform it into usable information, and Load this information to later be used by reports, dashboards, scorecards, etc.

Most of my work day consists of me working with databases like SQL Server and Oracle, and use ETL tools like Integration Services. This has me writing and optimizing a lot of SQL code, including basic queries, stored procedures, views, and functions.

My job also has me doing some data modeling. The end goal with this is to store data in such a way that reporting analysts and other consumers can easily understand and use the data.