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Bigwig - Reclamation

Reclamation – New album from Bigwig

It’s been five years since their last CD, five long years. And with an amazing previous album (An Invitation to Tragedy) and five years to work with, Bigwig was under a lot of pressure...

Propaghandi - Potemkin City Limits

Potemkin City Limits – New album from Propaghandi

The same day I got the new Suicide Machines CD, I also got the new Propaghandi CD titled ‘Potemkin City Limits’. So far I’ve been enjoying the Suicide Machines CD more and haven’t really...

A Wilhelm Scream - Ruiner

Ruiner – New album from A Wilhelm Scream

I just picked up A Wilhelm Scream’s new CD the other night, titled ‘Ruiner’. This is the first CD of theirs that I bought. I only every heard these guys in concert and for...