Damn! This is one of the coolest flash games/program I’ve used in a long while. It’s called Punk-O-Matic and you can check it out below:


With this flash program you can create your own punk song. I spend over an hour tonight messing with it. It’s crazy! I like it mainly because punk rocks. Plus a lot of the guitar riffs and drum lines this programmer used kick ass. Next time I’m in a band I might have to use Punk-O-Matic to help write the song. Heh.

Anyways, check it out. I normally don’t post about this kind of stuff unless I really enjoy it. Oh yeah, you can even save, load, and share your songs for other people (your fans). Here’s a quick song I through together (copy the code below, go to the site, click on Load, and paste the code into the section at the bottom).


Pretty cool eh? Now go make your own song click on Save and copy your code. Then come back here and paste it in the comments to show me what you got.

Nick Villescas

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