I am now a homeowner

Wow, I never thought this day would come. Yesterday, March 22nd, at 5pm Jenny and I closed escrow and got the keys to our first house. After which, we went back to our current house, grabbed Abby (our dog), and rushed over to our new house. We then just hung out in our new, empty house for a few hours. It was awesome.

We just walked around our house, talked about what we were going to do with it, where to place the furniture, etc. One of the first major things we plan on doing is the flooring. The majority of the house is carpeted, and the carpet is flawless. But the kitchen, bathrooms, entryway, and laundry room are all covered in linoleum. And it looks like shit. Seriously, it looks beat to hell. So we plan on ripping out all the linoleum and putting in nice ceramic tiles instead. And yes, we plan on doing it ourselves. Joy!

Putting in the tiles will be fun, but removing the linoleum looks to be a lot of hard work. Other things we need to do include getting new counter tops in the kitchen with a new sink, new blinds throughout the house, new lighting fixtures, and backyard landscaping to name a few. But a majority of these things we can do over the course of us living there. The main thing we want to do prior to moving in is replacing the linoleum with tile. The other things we can do later.

But other than that, we have a full month to move in. April 30th is when we have to be out of our current rental house. So that gives us plenty of time to do some work on our house and move in.

Nick Villescas

I'm an IT professional, musician, and PC gamer with a particular fondness of all things tech-related. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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