Moving again

Jenny and I are moving again. The current house that we’ve been in for the past two years is just too far away from everything. This includes any entertainment like restaurants and shopping, our friends, and most importantly, work. Plus, this house is boring.

So we found another house that we are moving to next week. This house has a better location as it’s closer to shopping and food. It’s also much closer to our friends and work. This will make our daily commutes much shorter, saving us time and money.

New house pool

Our new backyard, with pool

But the best thing about this house is that it has a pool. The majority of the year Phoenix is hot. Jenny and I are tired of not having a pool. So we found a house with one. This should make the summers much more enjoyable.

We’re hoping that this will be the last time we move for a very long time.

Update (Jan 30, 2023): The move has happened and we are now in our new home. So far we like it much better than the other place.

Nick Villescas

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