This is what 14 tons of rocks looks like

So, this weekend we finally started landscaping our backyard. When Jenny and I first bought our house the backyard was just dirt, and it’s been nothing but dirt for the past year (unless it rains, in which case it turns to a nice, thick mud). But we finally got some money to start landscaping, so we first bought gravel to put in its place. It was a lot of work but it was well worth it.

Five people helped me with this daunting task. Mostly family and a neighbor, and I thank them for the help. It took about 3-4 hours and three wheelbarrows going from the front yard to the backyard.

This is, of course just the first step in our backyard project. In the above picture you might have noticed bare spots in the corners. We are eventually going to built some planters there with some plants – bushes, palm trees, etc. I also want to eventually add some pavers to create a nice sitting area somewhere back there, but that’s a little further into the future (lack of $$).

But we finally took the first step to landscaping our backyard and I’m glad it’s done. Now maybe Jenny and I can actually sit in and enjoy our backyard a little more.

Nick Villescas

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