Fooly Cooly soundtrack

The Pillows

No I’m not done obsessing over Fooly Cooly yet. Not only is the anime itself awesome, but so it the music. In fact the music just plain rocks. The creators of FLCL did an excellent job getting this band to do the soundtrack for the show. The soundtrack was completely done by a Japanese rock band called The Pillows.

As we all know, music helps to create the mood and atmosphere for a show or film. Without this soundtrack I don’t think FLCL would have been as cool as it was. Listening to the soundtrack now, I can only think of some of the coolest scenes in the anime that this music played during. I did the same thing with Cowboy Bebop. It also has an amazing jazzy soundtrack that I wanted to get. I got it and loved it. Again, listening to the soundtrack just makes you remember some of the coolest scenes from the series.

But back to FLCL. The Pillows have some awesome hard rock songs as well as some lighter more alternative rock stuff. All the songs are great. If you’re a fan of the series then you have to get the soundtrack as well. It rocks.

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