Author: Nick Villescas

Iron Front's album cover 0

Iron Front – New album from Strike Anywhere

Another new album from one of my favorite bands was released this month. Strike Anywhere just released their latest album titled, Iron Front. First impressions are good, but I have only been able to...

Almost Home's album cover

Almost Home – New album from Evergreen Terrace

Today Evergreen Terrace released their latest album titled Almost Home. I have been waiting for this album to be released for the past few months. Their MySpace page had a preview of one of...

Zune HD 0

Picked up a Zune HD

The Zune HD is here and I have one. Read below to see my initial impressions of the device and keep checking back for a full review along with more pics at a later date.

Guild Wars 2 2

Guild Wars 2 info and media

With the lack of updates, news, or media, Guild Wars 2 was starting to look like vaporware. But with the latest release of a nice long trailer and some more info, it appears GW2 is well on its way.

Tomb Raider: Legend 0

My 2008 holiday gaming list

AAHHH!! I love it but I hate it. The holidays are coming and so are all the games. I now have too many games with too little time to play them all. Check out my list below.

2008 Honda Civic 2

Picked up a new car

I’ve been eyeing the 8th generation Civics for a while now. Having a 2005 Civic with 60k miles on it, I felt it was time for an upgrade. Check out what we got below.

Grand Theft Auto IV 0

GTA IV – First impressions

GTA IV has arrived and I finally picked up a copy. Check out my first impressions of the game and how it stacks up to the previous games in the series.