Author: Nick Villescas

Assassin's Creed 0

Assassin’s Creed PC review

The first of my most anticipated games for 2008 has come and gone. How was it? Was it worth the wait? Did it meet my expectations? Read on to find out.


Team Fortress 2 is like alcohol

I’ve recently discovered a surprising commonality between the video game, Team Fortress 2 and the consumption of alcohol. Read on to educate and protect yourself in the future.


Autosaving with jQuery and TinyMCE

Working with TinyMCE is great. Working with jQuery is great. Working with both is great. It allows you to easily create an auto-save feature so you never lose your content again.

AT&T Tilt and Pantech Duo 0

AT&T Tilt and Pantech Duo

Jenny and I both got new cell phones this weekend. Both of our contracts were up and I wanted to add her onto my account to get a family plan sort of deal. Of...


Crysis was great…I think

Crysis was one of my most anticipated games of 2007, but with the holidays I haven’t been able to get, or play, or review this game until now. There were highs, there were lows,...

Speaker for the Dead 0

Speaker for the Dead

It’s been several months since the last time I read a book and I was starting to get that itch to read again. I didn’t know what I wanted to read nor did anything...