Oh yeah, I’m getting married

Heh, Jenny was nice enough to let me know I didn’t put this on my web site. She was like, “Why didn’t you put that you were getting married on your web site?” and I was like, “What?! Of course I did!” and she was like, “Uh, no you didn’t.” and I was like, “Look I’ll show you! I’m not crazy!” and she was like, “ok”. So I start looking through my web site and was like, “…damn it…”.

So here I am now. No longer can I write to you as a bachelor type guy with a girlfriend. No more crazy stories of lust, obsession, and drunken nights. Instead I now have to write to you as an engaged man. So maybe just a few stories about alcohol. But then, several months from now (Oct 27) I’ll have to write to you as a married man. I know, I know. You’re sad. But I think it’s for the best.

Lol. Back to seriousness (is that a word?). Jenny and I are getting married. I asked Jenny to marry me back at the end of January. Of course she said yes, as she’s been bugging me to marry her for the past few months. But I think we’re overdue anyways. We’ve been together for over 7 years now. I like her a hell of a lot and know I won’t find anything better. And she seems to tolerate me…most of the time.

But that’s it. We’re engaged and getting married on October 27. 🙂

Nick Villescas

I'm an IT professional, musician, and PC gamer with a particular fondness of all things tech-related. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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