Reclamation – New album from Bigwig

Bigwig - ReclamationIt’s been five years since their last CD, five long years. And with an amazing previous album (An Invitation to Tragedy) and five years to work with, Bigwig was under a lot of pressure to create an even better album. Unfortunately, Bigwig has been going through a lot of crap within these past five years. They’ve lost and gained several band members and had trouble finding a label that will help them with their new album.

Fortunately, though Bigwig did pull through and created an amazing successor to their previous album. The new album, Reclamation is on par with their previous albums. It is definitely their fastest and most aggressive album yet. If you liked their harder songs from previous albums like Mr. Asshole, Numbers, or Sink or Swim then you’ll love this CD. If you liked their more melodic songs like Moosh then you might not like this CD as it contains none of them at all.

Reclamation has 11 songs of which only two (or maybe three) of them are slower. But even these slower songs (Rat Race and Timebomb) have a harder feel to them that still let you appreciate the genre. The rest of the songs are fast, technical, and hard. Songs like Owned And Operated and Follow The Leader simply kick ass. It’s a fast punk that reminds me of old Pennywise (Full Circle).

Either way, it rocks and I’ll be listening to it a lot for the next several months.

Nick Villescas

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