My first post from our new house

Well, Jenny and I made the final move into our new house this last weekend, and boy am I glad it’s over. It has been one hell of a stressful month. Between work, moving, and remodeling our kitchen I never thought we’d ever make it into this house. But alas, here I am, typing my first post from my new office in my new house. Exciting stuff…well, for me anyways.

As for the kitchen, everything is done except for the countertops and sink. Hopefully the countertops will be in sometime next week and so will the sink. Then we can actually start using our kitchen. But at least we got all out appliances in and working. I must say, everything looks really good together. I always have trouble seeing the final result or concept. I don’t know why. I just can’t picture stuff like that in my mind. But now that we’re 90 percent done, I can start seeing the finished product.

New house kitchen before after

Nick Villescas

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