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Attack on Titan 1

I finally got around to watching the anime Attack on Titan this past week. I’ve always heard good things about this anime but never really had time to sit down and marathon it. So last week I came across it on Netflix and decided to check it out. The anime was released about a year ago and right now only contains one season with 25 episodes (subtitles only).

Attack on Titan is a good anime. The story is fairly interesting. The characters are believable and can be related to. The visuals, including the animations, artistic style, and action sequences are all fantastic. Unfortunately though, the series at times felt slow and uninteresting. While most episodes were great, there were a few that were just… boring. But don’t let that turn you off from watching the anime. In the end Attack on Titan is a good anime, and one that you’ll be glad you watched.

The story and universe this anime takes place in is fairly interesting. Without really explaining any history the story throws you right into the present. People are living in large cities that are surrounded and protected by very large and tall walls. Outside these walled cities exist these creatures simply called Titans.

Attack on Titan 3

Titans look like giant naked humans. They don’t talk and they don’t appear to have any emotions or intelligent thoughts. The only thing they do is wander around and eat people. No one knows where they came from or why they do nothing except eat people. The Titans are exceptionally creepy, with giant mouths and teeth that are usually showing, waiting for their next meal.

The anime is slightly disturbing (in a good way) as you watch these humans try and combat these Titans which usually ends in failure. Watching people getting caught by the Titans and then eaten is a little unnerving. To fight these Titans, humans have developed these personal grappling hook machines that they use to move and swing around a Titan. This element makes for some really cool and exciting action scenes.

Attack on Titan 2

If you have a chance I would recommend watching Attack on Titan. Most people who watch it seem to enjoy it. There’s lots of good action, a decent story, and likable characters. Don’t forget though that this anime (like most anime) can be slow and long at times. Plus it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Check it out and let me know what you think. Intro below:

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