Futurama gets 13 new episodes

Futurama - BenderAlright! Best news I’ve heard all week! Comedy Central has bought the rights for Futurama and is making 13 new episodes that will air in 2008. Yeah, I know that’s a long time away but it’s actually happening. Futurama is one of my favorite shows ever. It’s much smarter and more clever than most other shows out there.

Stupid FOX cancelled Futurama a few years ago after they doomed it to a fate of bad ratings. But the Emmy award winning show was picked up by Turner Broadcasting/Cartoon Network and started showing on Adult Swim. Turner Broadcasting knew Futurama was a good show and put it in a decent time slot with regular airings. Unlike FOX who didn’t really give the show much credit and gave it crappy time slots, long breaks in between episodes, and virtually no advertising.

Anyways, other info states that all the primary voice actors signed new deals this week. Which means no crappy substitutes. Also, FOX may have the option to air the new episodes (don’t count on that), and the new episodes will come to DVD after their air. Can’t wait!

Nick Villescas

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