Assassin’s Creed is finally out for the PC

One of my most anticipated games for the PC was finally released a couple days ago. Assassin’s Creed has been a game I’ve known about since it was first announced to the world. But I was never that interested in the game until about nine months ago when lots of game play footage and screen shots were released. The game looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to play it.

Well I finally picked it up last night. Unfortunately, I only got a few minutes of game play in before I had to stop. But those few minutes, including the opening sequence and tutorial were surpassing my expectations. The game looks like it’s going to be a hell of a good time.

One thing that threw me off were the controls. Again, I’ve only played it for a few minutes so I may have not gotten used to the controls yet, but some of the key mapping seems off. I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon, but if not, I might have to remap some of the keys.

And that’s one thing that worries me about this game – the fact that, despite what the developers say, this game is a console port. And one of the biggest issues with console ports are their controls. But I’m sure more game play will prove to me that there’s nothing to worry about.

So I’m off to play some more. Expect my full opinion of the game once I complete it.

Nick Villescas

I'm an IT professional, musician, and PC gamer with a particular fondness of all things tech-related. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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