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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 info and media

With the lack of updates, news, or media, Guild Wars 2 was starting to look like vaporware. But with the latest release of a nice long trailer and some more info, it appears GW2 is well on its way.

Tomb Raider: Legend

My 2008 holiday gaming list

AAHHH!! I love it but I hate it. The holidays are coming and so are all the games. I now have too many games with too little time to play them all. Check out my list below.

Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA IV – First impressions

GTA IV has arrived and I finally picked up a copy. Check out my first impressions of the game and how it stacks up to the previous games in the series.

Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed PC review

The first of my most anticipated games for 2008 has come and gone. How was it? Was it worth the wait? Did it meet my expectations? Read on to find out.

Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed is finally out for the PC

Assassin’s Creed for the PC is finally here. It’s been a long wait and I’ve only been able to play if for a few minutes, but my first impressions are good…really good!

Team Fortress 2 is like alcohol

I’ve recently discovered a surprising commonality between the video game, Team Fortress 2 and the consumption of alcohol. Read on to educate and protect yourself in the future.

Crysis was great…I think

Crysis was one of my most anticipated games of 2007, but with the holidays I haven’t been able to get, or play, or review this game until now. There were highs, there were lows,...

Call of Duty 4 revives the CoD franchise

It’s been awhile since I’ve played a Call of Duty (CoD) game, and I was pretty skeptical when I got this game. The first game was great while the next two were pretty crap-tastic,...

Half-Life 2: Episode 2

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Here we go. My most anticipated game of this year has finally come, and unfortunately, gone. But that’s OK, because I’ve already played through it twice and I’m now watching Jenny (wife) play through...