My Guild Wars 2 videos and streams

I play a lot of Guild Wars 2. So much so that I have decided to start recording and streaming some of my game play. With the help of Nvidia’s ShadowPlay software, I can now easily record and stream my game play on the fly for free. I’m still fairly new to all this so please bare with me and my amateur video-making skills.

On my YouTube channel here you can find more structured videos of my game play, while on my Twitch channel here you can find more random streams and videos. Feel free to subscribe to either and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Below you can find a YouTube playlist I put together showing how to capture supply camps in World vs. World in Guild Wars 2.

Nick Villescas

I'm an IT professional, musician, and PC gamer with a particular fondness of all things tech-related. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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